First day of legalize marijuana sales in Nevada

As the clock ticked down to midnight on July 1, 2017, hundreds of people lined up for the legalized openings of marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas.

I had the opportunity to hitch a ride in a stretch SUV limo with industry “experts” to tour four different shops. There was a buzz of excitement that pot probation was finally ending in Nevada.

While pulsating music ’70s disco music and beams of lights shot through the inside of the vehicle, I tried to imagine what it was like when alcohol was legalized in 1933 and if (minus the stretch limo) Las Vegans were celebrating like this. I also started remembering the baby boomer songs, movies and Cheech and Chong jokes like “Dave’s not here.”

At one of the stops, I found a Minnesota couple standing in line to get weed who were celebrating their honeymoon in Las Vegas. He talked about the back-alley deals he had to do to score pot back home.

On our final stop, someone in the group bought infused mini-donuts for the trip back. Although it was tempting, I did not devour. When former President Bill Clinton tried pot, he “did not inhale,” but  I don’t know if he could have passed on these pastries.

The strains of “Proud to be an American” blasted over the sound system as the limo driver drove us back to our vehicles.