Psychic predictions for 2016 Who will win the Superbowl, presidential election and the next UNLV coach




What will the rest of 2016 look like? A few local psychics shared their prediction and insight to the new year.

Psychic Leon Holmes, who also goes by Locq Fortune, predicted the demise of UNLV basketball coach Dave Rice two days before his firing. His feeling is that the next coach will have the last name starting with a “T,” “K” or “B.” He says the “basketball world will take notice” on who will be selected as the next coach.

He also feels the Panthers will win the Super Bowl, while psychic Rowana is feeling it will be a repeat of New England and Seattle. Mystic Mona is getting the Cardinals beating the Patriots.

Just as the political pundits are struggling with who will be the next president of the United States, the spirits also are confused. Holmes is feeling Bernie Sanders, while Rowena is getting a Hillary Clinton vibe. Mystic Mona sees a Donald Trump/Ted Cruz ticket or a Ted Cruze/Carly Fiorina ticket.

Mystic Mona feels if the GOP wins the election, the stock market will explode to the upside because of changes to the health care policy. Rowena and Holmes both agree that the markets will be mostly flat this year.

Other predictions from our psychics are: Mona feels Nevada will finally get a lottery, Holmes senses that Nevada Energy has an antiquated business model and will lose the solar battle, and Rowena believes that USA will have more medals than China in this year’s Summer Olympic Games in Rio.

Although Alexis does not do predictions, she is channeling that “2016 is the year of a mass awakening to what’s really going on and people are choosing to follow what makes sense for themselves.”