Adding Glitz and Glamour Wardrobe workers keep "Jubilee!" at sparkling best

For nearly the life of the Strip’s longest-running production show, Donna London has been behind the scenes fitting, washing and repairing costumes for cast members of “Jubilee!”

Delayed by the deadly MGM fire in November 1980, the $ 10 million spectacle opened in what is now Bally’s on July 31, 1981. Producer Donn Arden, the man credited with developing the Las Vegas showgirl image, and famed designers Pete Menefee and Bob Mackie created the beautiful costumes.

London, who started working at “Jubilee! in December 1981, oversees a staff of 26 wardrobe personnel that maintain the ostrich, vulture and pheasant feather costumes.

On a recent night, London fitted dancer MaKenzie Fly in a tall nude parade costume for the “Samson & Delilah” scene. While Fly sashays to the mirror in the wardrobe room, London flashes a radiant smile. For London, “it is like watching a “Walking moving art piece.”